10,000 Euros, BSI Gamma Foundation Award for “Asset Pricing and Corporate Social Responsibility Project.”

70,300 CAN$, ‘Adoption of shareholder-friendly corporate governance practices by firms with partial state ownership: causes, mechanisms, and performance implications.’, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), 2010-2013. Collaborator: Ilya Okhmatovski (McGill University), 2010-2013.

101,000 CAN$, ‘Why Do Countries Rich in Natural Resources Grow Slower? A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Resource Curse, Corporate Transparency, Government Expropriation, and Economic Growth’, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Management, Business, and Finance Program, 2008-2011. Collaborator: Sergei Guriev (New Economic School).

103,000 CAN$, ‘The Roles of Globalization, Politics and Finance in Shaping Firm Transparency and Governance around the World’, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), 2007-2010.

35,000 CAN$, Academic Achievement Award, Canadian Capital Markets Institute, 2008-2009. $15,000 is allocated as salary supplement.

40,272 CAN$, “Pourquoi l’abondance des ressources naturelles mene-t-elle a des institutions insuffisantes et a une croissance economique plus lente ? Le role de la transparence des entreprises”, Programme Etablissement de nouveaux professeurs-chercheurs, Fonds de recherche sur la societe et la culture (FQRCS), 2008-2011.

64,975 CAN$, ‘Firm Governance, Disclosure, and Valuation when States are Kleptocratic, Institut de Finance Mathématique de Montreal (IFM2), Montreal, Canada, 2006-2009.

$27,900, William Davidson Institute 2005 Research Competition, ‘Equity Issuance in Emerging Markets: The Effect of Preemptive Rights on Shareholder Wealth’, with Vladimir Atanassov and Larry Fauver, June 2005-December 2006.

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